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Victims forgotten

Article by: Ed Healey
Newmarket – Victims forgotten

Today, in Ontario and the rest of Canada, we are faced with a criminal justice and political system that devalues the lives of law-abiding citizens. Our system treats the lives of our murdered children as insignificant and disposable. Violent, and especially repeat violent criminals, are treated like spoiled kids and the systems coddle and provide them with rights denied their victims and families. Violent offenders must laugh at the sentences that do nothing more than demonstrate our society is willing to accept their violence. It is time the courts started to treat murderers and violent offenders as such — no more plea bargaining for these crimes. As the father of a murdered daughter (Brenda Healey), I can tell you first hand her life meant so very much to her family, friends and community. Victims and survivors receive a life sentence. It’s time their killers do as well.

Ed Healey