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WHEN IS ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH Gun suspect was on bail

TORONTO – 15-year-old on armed robbery rap in Durham before T.O. shooting

Last Updated: 28th October 2008, 3:58am
A 15-year-old Toronto boy was free on armed robbery charges when arrested on the weekend for allegedly shooting a man four times after being kicked out of a birthday party for a four-year-old girl.
The youth, who can’t be identified, allegedly fired four shots at a group of men after he was not allowed into the tot’s party around 5:30 p.m. Saturday at 25 Bishop Tutu Blvd., residents said yesterday. No one was hit in that incident.
The shooter was chased down an alleyway by a 22-year-old man who was shot four times as the sprint reached the dead end of a laneway, police said. The victim was hospitalized and released.
“At first, he pulled out his gun and the clip fell,” said one resident who lives near where the first shots were fired. “Some guys kicked away the clip and they were wrestling on the ground for it.”
The mother of three said kids were crying and people were running for cover following the shots.
“There were kids and people everywhere,” the woman said. “There was panic and I was yelling to everyone, ‘He has a gun’. ”
Resident Andrea Nellis said it was the second shooting at the complex in five months.
Toronto Police Det. Dan Murphy said officers are searching for two black males in their early 20s.
“This is a high density area and someone could have been killed,” Murphy said. “There was a lot of people in the area with kids running around.”
Police said the suspect was facing an armed robbery charge in Durham Region and was released on bail, when this incident occurred. Details of the Durham offence were not available.
The youth was arrested and released four times for allegedly breaching his probation, Murphy said.
His bail hearing was adjourned today ’til tomorrow.