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(Toronto, ON) – –
The nearly $700,000 that Dalton McGuinty’s Attorney General spent on hotel rooms at the Blue Mountain Resort and the Deerhurst resort is just a fraction of the total amount that was spent by Michael Bryant on hotels last year. Government records show that Dalton McGuinty’s Attorney General spent a grand total of $2,552,036 on hotels in 2006/2007.
These include:
o $449,164 at the Blue Mountain Resort
o $319,699 at the Marriott Hotel
o $246,554 at the Deerhurst Resort
o $178,318 at the Metropolitan Hotel
o $148,109 at the Holiday Inn
o $137,063 at the Intrawest Lodging Westin Trillium House (aka Blue Mountain)
o $124,904 at the Sheraton
o $112,700 at the Prince of Wales Hotel
o $101,688 at Taboo
o $101,289 at Novotel
o $93,886 at the Delta Chelsea
o $91,260 at the Ramada
o $85,986 at Clevelands House in Muskoka
o $73,844 at the Cambridge Suites Hotel
o $62,179 at the Delawana Inn
o $57,186 at the Best Western
o $55,312 at Travelodge
o $52,870 at the Lord Elgin Hotel
$2.5 million buys a lot of nights in a hotel room – 14,096 to be exact. To put that it context it’s one hotel room a night, each night, every night from today until March 31, 2045, not accounting for leap years.
Meanwhile victims’ services are underfunded. Accused criminals are being given $2000 cheques because the courts are underfunded, and municipalities are struggling under the weight of court security costs.