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What is wrong with our system?

Mississauga – Luigi Macchia remains so petrified after being attacked in his sleep by another patient at Credit Valley Hospital he doesn’t want to close his eyes, his family said yesterday.
“My dad almost died,” Macchia’s daughter, Anna Rocca, said. “He was hit so hard it cut him open and he is still in pain.
“He is so scared to go to sleep in that room, but he is too fragile to be moved.”
Macchia, a 76-year-old lung cancer patient at the Mississauga hospital, was asleep when his roommate jumped on his bed and attacked him Tuesday morning, leaving the frail senior bloody, cut and bruised.
His family said they were told by police the roommate had a violent history.
It is unacceptable if the hospital didn’t do a proper background check on this man, said Joe Wamback, with the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation.
“I can’t believe this could happen in a health-care institution,” Wamback said. “(Macchia) is suffering enough in this late stage of life. We as citizens should be outraged and demand a public inquiry.
“If this man is known to police, what is wrong with our system? We have to look after the most vulnerable in our society. A hospital is the last place you would expect this type of assault. There have to be rules in place to prevent such things.”
Such attacks are “highly uncommon,” said Philip Hassen, CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.