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CCVF Press Release

Article by: Joe Wamback
Toronto – Communiqué — Press Release Feb 5, 2008
Bill C-2

• Minimum Mandatory Sentences for Serious Firearms Offences
• Increasing the Age of Consent
• Drug-Impaired Driving
• Bail Hearings for Offences Involving Firearms or Other Regulated Weapons
• Dangerous Offenders, Long-term Offenders and Recognizances to Keep the Peace

On November 28, 2007 Canadian Parliamentarians placed aside partisan politics and echoed the will of Canadians to provide greater safety in our communities and safer futures for our children.

This vital legislation was sent to our Senate on November 29, 2007 where it has been stalled for ten (10) weeks.
Ten weeks, during which Canadians and their families have witnessed increased criminal activity and suffered at the hands of drunk drivers, pedophiles and criminals with guns.

We call upon all Canadians to contact their representatives and all members of the Senate to make Bill C-2 the priority Canadian families have asked for.

We call upon all Members of the Canadian Senate to set aside any and all partisan politics and pass this legislation without delay.

Joe Wamback

Joe Wamback
Co-founder and Chair Canadian Crime Victim Foundation