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Where do your donations go?

Article by: Joe Wamback
Toronto – We wish to thank everyone who has supported the CCVF and let you know that our 7th annual Gala on May 29 was a resounding success.

During the evening we were pleased to announce the following.

1, $25,000 grant to University of Victoria, at the initiation of CCVF, for the first ever research project into “siblings of homicide victims”. The research will be headed by Dr. Susan TASKER, Ph.D and Priscilla De Villiers.
This is a first in Canada and our expectations are this study will better prepare Federal and Provincial Governments with the tools necessary to create programs to immediately help these young people.

Two, $25,000.00 scholarships to siblings of murder victims awarded to Mohammed Asharah who will be attending Laurentian University and Kevin Levack who will be attending Queens in the Fall.
Our total sibling and survivor scholarships now exceeds $100,000.00

1, $25,000 donation to victim services Simcoe Region, and
1, $25,000 donation to Peterborough Lakefield Victim services to support volunteers in their daily work with victims of violence. This brings our donations to victim services in Ontario to over $75,000.00

$20,000 to “Jonathan’s fund” for immediate aftermath counseling to survivors and victims of violence which is a new initiative in Canada to assist those not supported by any existing agency and to assist when help is needed the most.

3 – $2000.00 scholarships to High School students who actively participated in anti violence programs.

•Willow Peterson, Huntsville Collegiate
•Amber Minors, Barrie
•Johnny Corners, Barrie
Our total scholarships to Ontario High School students now exceeds $15,000.00
Since the creation of the CCVF Lozanne and Joe have spoken to over 30,000 Ontario High School students on the effects of bullying and violence and offer the CCVF student scholarship at each school visited.

A Posthumous Award to for Gary Rosendeldt Executive Director “Victims of violence and child find” plus donation to Child find in Gary’s name of $2000.00

CCVF is a registered Canadian Charity and operates without salaries or directors fees.

Thank you again for your support. Your generosity is changing lives and helping us change futures in Canada

Joe Wamback
Founder and Chair
Canadian Crime Victim Foundation