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The True Cost of Crime

Only victims and survivors fully understand the true costs of crime, the increasing depths of deprivation, sorrow and the total lack of ability to function on levels previously performed. Yet, victims of violent crime are told to “get over it,” or to “get on with their lives.”
These demands are offered as solutions to the victims increasing financial and vocational problems arising from the inability to focus on normal daily issues. Small tasks taken for granted by others, like writing checks, balancing a check book, paying bills, or even driving to work, become monumental for many of those left in the aftermath of violent crime.
Those dealing with money and finance exemplify the indifference of society.
Financial crimes undergo much more scrutiny than violent crime and bankruptcy is considered an ultimate taboo. Ironically, those who seek protection under this law have to “register” and are forever shadowed in future financial considerations. Yet our governments and those same guardians of our money feel it is inappropriate for rapists and child molesters to be held to the same level of accountability.
Cries of second chances for criminals deafen our ears while the silence of rape and child molestation forces victims to cry alone, with no opportunity for a second chance. Crimes of finance are recorded on national credit registries. Yet convicted rapists and pedophiles and murderers can successfully hide their records and past “mistakes.” Their records, unless financially offensive like being slow or late with a payment-are protected by legal “rights of privacy. “Violent crime and its devastating aftermath need to be viewed far greater than crimes of finance. Victims and survivors cannot “write it off,” any more then they can ever “get over it. “In the end, those without human compassion and understanding are just as culpable as the violent offenders themselves.
Without human value, a monetary system is irrelevant, and without peoples trust in their Justice system it will cease to exist.

Joe Wamback
Canadian Crime Victim Foundation

Joe Wamback