Founder's Page


Canadian Crime Victim Foundation Scholarship Trust

The creation of the “CCVF Scholarship Trust” grew from the recognition that Survivors of violent crime in Canada have more taken from them than generally recognized by Canadian society. In many instances the prolonged revictimization through the criminal justice process can be as devastating and long lasting as the original crimes committed against them.

Especially vulnerable are those siblings of murder victims and other survivors of violent crime that often find themselves isolated in financially compromised family units due to the life altering aftermath of violent crime. A life altering environment occasioned through no fault of their own and yet, not recognized in Canada by any supportive Federal, Provincial or municipal agency.

To add insult to injury, many survivors witness their victimizers given educational opportunities by the state as part of our Countries rehabilitation process, yet they are denied that opportunity through the inevitable struggle through life after victimization of violent crime.

It is the sole intention of the Founders and Board of Directors of the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation to provide a desperately needed balance across Canada for those that have been victimized by acts of violent crime to provide educational opportunities equal to that so often afforded their victimizers.

It is with this goal in mind that the “CCVF Scholarship Trust” has been created and we hope that it will survive in Canada as a model for others around the world.

Joe Wamback