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Teen testifies girls told to kill or be killed

Article by: By CP
EDMONTON — Before her battered body was found on an Edmonton golf course, 13-year-old Nina Courtepatte was given the choice of killing another girl in order to live, court heard yesterday.

An 18-year-old woman testified she saw Nina Courtepatte’s death on April 3, 2005. Michael Briscoe, 36, of Edmonton and Joseph Laboucan, 21, of Fort St. John, B.C., are charged with first-degree murder.

The woman told a packed courtroom Courtepatte and another girl were picked up at West Edmonton Mall.

She said once they arrived at the golf course where Courtepatte’s body was found, Briscoe stayed at the car while the group walked to a grassy area.

She said Laboucan told Courtepatte and her friend whoever killed the other would get to live.

She said Courtepatte was pleading with him, “No, no, don’t make us choose.”

The woman testified Briscoe then arrived and Nina’s friend went back with him.

The woman said Laboucan and another male youth charged raped Courtepatte.

She said Laboucan then told Courtepatte they were going to kill her.

“She said, ‘make it fast so it doesn’t hurt,’ ” she said.

The woman said Laboucan tried to slash Courtepatte’s throat but the knife blade was too dull.

He then grabbed a wrench and crushed her throat from behind, she said, adding the other man grabbed a sledgehammer and swung it into Courtepatte’s groin.

Several people left in tears while she testified.

The woman recalled Courtepatte started making “these weird gurgling sounds.”

One man then tried to light Courtepatte’s jeans on fire, she said, to destroy evidence of the two rapes.