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Perv has a history of abusing vulnerable girls

– Accused school pervert Nicholas Finelli has a history of attacking the vulnerable — young girls, defenceless girlfriends and old women — and is indifferent to their suffering, federal parole records show.
One frightened ex was so scared of him she jumped onto subway tracks to get away from him.
Finelli, 42, is in a Toronto jail awaiting a bail hearing amid allegations that he snuck into a west-end Montessori school last Tuesday and sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl in the washroom.
National Parole Board documents obtained by the Toronto Sun show Finelli has several convictions for sex assaults against young girls, has “choked, kicked … and punched” girlfriends and once threw an elderly woman to the ground as he snatched her purse.
During his last prison stay, Correctional Services of Canada was so concerned Finelli would either kill or seriously hurt someone officials asked the NPB to detain him past his statutory release date.
The NPB agreed and detained him after a hearing in January 2004 and again in 2005 after a review.
Finelli was released Sept. 23, 2005 and apparently moved to Toronto.
He now faces criminal charges in three separate incidents that occurred last week.
Ontario court records show Finelli was jailed for 18 months and given three years probation in 1997 after he was found guilty of sexual assault and sexual interference.
But the NPB documents suggest Finelli has many more convictions.
“There is a pattern of persistent violent behaviour,” a parole panel determined.
“You have several convictions for sexual assaults against young female children. Although these offences did not involve overly intrusive sexual activity, serious psychological harm is deemed to have occurred, given the tender age of the victims,” the panel noted.
“You have also demonstrated a pattern of escalating violence within your domestic relationships … It is noted that one victim jumped onto subway tracks in order to escape from you and might have been killed, had not a concerned citizen switched off the power.”
In prison, Finelli refused to take sex offender and family violence treatment.
“Consequently, the board does not believe that there are supervision programs that would offer adequate protection,” the panel concluded.
Finelli next appears in court Feb. 6.