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Killer kid, jailer had sex

– Court hears of teen’s 6-week affair with youth centre boss
A teen killer had a six-week-long sexual relationship with a supervising officer at a youth jail where he is serving a sentence for murdering a girl he once dated, court heard.
The inmate, who is seeking early release into the community to live at his sister’s home, revealed his affair to a nurse at the Sprucedale Youth Centre in Simcoe shortly after it ended last summer.
The youth, who was 17 at the time of the murder and cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, asked the nurse for testing for sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, and inquired about his lover’s fertility since they had unprotected sex, court heard yesterday.
The employee, whose job included supervising the young offender, was fired after an investigation.
The convict, who wasn’t penalized for the affair, continued to enjoy optimal conditions. He had his own room, a shared kitchen, lounge and TV and PSP game system, the Scarborough court heard.
He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the baseball bat slaying of a 17-year-old Scarborough girl on Feb. 21, 2003. He was sentenced in December 2004 to six years, crediting 20 months’ time already served, including three years of supervision under strict conditions in the community.
His lawyer Robert Warren is asking Justice Faith Finnestad to cut his client’s sentence based on reports from Sprucedale where he was rated an “exemplary resident” who obtained his high school education and applied for college courses. Sprucedale staff testified the now 21-year-old would benefit by being released to the community.
Sprucedale staff have recommended he be permitted to end the custodial portion of his sentence 10 months early. He’ll be under strict supervision for the next three years.
Scarborough Crown attorney Tony Loparco accused the Sprucedale staff of burying details of the affair, rather than being “front and centre about what should have been a significant event” in its reports to the court yesterday.
Finnestad said staff testified they never reported the tryst in reports because they were following legal advice. Loparco debated with Justice Finnestad whether a “consensual sexual relationship” between inmates and officers was permissible.
“You can’t have consensual sex,” in these circumstances, Loparco said. “It’s against the rules.”
Finnestad disagreed and said Sprucedale dealt with the employee.
The sentence review hearing will continue March 29.