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Another example of our broken justice system

– September 08, 2007

(Sep 8, 2007)
A Stoney Creek man arrested this week for shooting a pellet gun at a passing garbage truck is also charged with breaching the terms of his release after being convicted as a youth of the manslaughter of a teenager.
The accused, now 20, served 30 months in an intensive rehabilitation program for violent teenagers. A judge granted the young man’s release in May and placed restrictions on his liberty through a community supervision order. He was 17 in December 2003 when he sucker-punched a Barton Secondary School student in an unprovoked fight outside Lime Ridge Mall. Jonathan Romero, 18, fell and struck his head and died in hospital a few hours later.
The Crown applied to have the youth tried in adult court, but his lawyer persuaded the judge to impose a three-year maximum youth sentence. The accused is to appear before the sentencing judge on Oct. 4 in connection with breach of his youth sentence, and is scheduled for a bail hearing in adult court on weapons charges after narrowly missing a worker on the garbage truck with the pellet gun.