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Just What are they thinking about!!!!!!!! ‘Red flags’ surround pedo’s release

KINGSTON – ONTARIO – The release to a federal halfway house of a sexual predator who fantasizes about torturing and murdering children has prompted a warning from Kingston Police.
Christopher C. Goodwin, a 26-year-old pedophile, moved into Kingston’s Portsmouth Centre on Thursday after he was released from prison.
In June 2003, Goodwin pounced on a 7-year-old girl who had wandered away from her parents in a store in a Scarborough mall.
In front of horrified shoppers, he threw her to the floor, crouched over her with one hand around her neck choking her while he yanked her pants down and tried to molest her.
A store employee pulled him off the child and police were called.
Const. Gerry Doherty, who reviews roughly 150 high-risk inmate releases a year, interviewed Goodwin yesterday and considers him one of the most troubling recent cases he has handled.
“He is very high on my list of guys to (watch),” Doherty said. “He’s sending up red flags.” He said Goodwin was very honest and open in the interview, confessing that he fears he will re-offend.
“He’s on medication (but) he says it’s not working for him, it’s not keeping his sex drive down,” Doherty said. “His sexual therapy while he was in Warkworth, he says didn’t do him any good.
“I think he’s in a plan to fail, that’s my gut feeling on it.”
Because of concern about Goodwin, police released his photo and description, with a caution that parents should steer children clear of him and call police if they believe they see Goodwin outside by himself. He is under orders not to leave the facility without supervision. The community alert is the fourth this year about a freed convict.
“He actually tells me … he doesn’t care whether (his victims) are boys or girls, (but he) prefers little girls,” Doherty said.