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The Federal Government is now advertising for a replacement of the existing Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime. This post was held by Sue Sullivan and she has done a valuable service to Canada and Victims of violent crime.

The following is a link to the advertisement.

Lets hope that the replacement is not a political appointment but will include someone that will carry the legacy and fight for victims rights in Canada.

Joe Wamback Chair, CCVF


We are pleased to confirm that again for 2017 the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation will extend and fund the Psychological services program at York University for those who have been the innocent victims of violent crime. The counseling services provided will be free of charge to those who qualify and will be conducted by qualified staff at the University. For applications please contact us at

Joseph Wamback Chair CCVF



The Canadian Crime Victim Foundation is pleased to announce and wishes to thank the following Corporations for their generous support and generous donations to our scholarship and psychological counselling programs for 2016.

Borea Construction
Sentry Electric (Canada)
Spectrum Healthcare

Joseph Wamback
Chair CCVF




Registration for the 2016 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week Symposium is Now Open!


Victims and Survivors of Crime Week is being held from May 29-June 4, 2016. A federal symposium will be held in the National Capital Region on Friday, June 3, 2016, to raise awareness about issues facing victims and survivors of crime and the programs, services, and laws in place to help victims and survivors of crime as well as their families.

Registration for the Symposium is free and includes access to all plenary sessions and workshops. Complimentary coffee breaks and lunch will be provided. As space is limited, we encourage you to register early. Registration is on a first come-first served basis. Please note that participation for federal government employees is limited and needs to be accompanied by the approval of a Director General level supervisor.

For more information, the symposium agenda and registration, please go to The deadline for registration is May 27, 2016, or until capacity is reached.

The CCVF is preparing a proposal to our Federal Government to amend the existing “Employment Insurance legislation”
The amendment proposes to provide Employment Insurance benefits for parents and families of murdered loved ones to a maximum of 18 months or 78 weeks.
It will equalize access across Canada and is not be subject to individual Provincial limits or agencies.
Survivors of violent crime in Canada have more taken from them than is generally
recognized by Canadian society. In many instances the prolonged re-victimization through the criminal justice process can be as devastating and as long lasting as the original crimes committed against them.
Especially vulnerable are family units and siblings of murder victims and other survivors of violent crime that find themselves isolated and in financially compromised family units due to the life-altering aftermath of violent crime; a life-altering environment caused through no fault of their own. Most families of murdered children are not financially prepared for the aftermath of violent crime and many employers can only offer the earned vacation credits available to the wage earner which is grossly insufficient to prevent financial disaster accompanying the never ending grief for survivors and victims of violent crime.
Currently these circumstances are not recognized in Canada by any supportive Federal, Provincial or Municipal agency.
While survivors witness their victimizers being given government-sponsored educational opportunities as part of their rehabilitation process, they are left on their own in the inevitable struggles that occur following victimization by violent
It is the intention of this proposed amendment to help redress this unfair imbalance for those across Canada who have been victimized by acts of violent crime by providing financial support during extreme and often crippling psychological stress and grief caused by acts of violent crime perpetrated on their loved ones.
When a family looses a child or loved one to violent crime studies have shown that the grieving process may not commence for many months even years after the criminal act and is protracted by the judicial process.
Criminal Injuries Compensation varies from Province to Province and Ontario maximums are limited to $25,000 per occurrence. Due to the very nature of the confrontational award process many victims do not apply or fail to access the funds due to lack of support within the system.
The existing Employment insurance Act allows 15 weeks for sickness benefits and 15 weeks for compassionate care. Many victims are so paralysed by grief that they while they may qualify for sickness benefits these benefits were not the intent of the legislation at the time, nor is 15 weeks of benefits adequate to support grieving parents.


Victims need help to navigate our criminal justice systems, which are for many a daunting legalistic world – into which they are thrust as a result of other persons’ decisions to commit crime,” said Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, Michael O’Connell. “Victims are entitled to accurate and timely information. They also should be provided practical help as well as assistance that matches their needs. Victims want a ‘voice’ – they want to be heard and listened to on matters that affect them,” he added. “Victims should no longer be bystanders in our criminal justice systems. They have a fundamental right to access to justice.”



The founders of the CCVF are pleased to announce the generous contribution of $4000.00 by The Greater Toronto Area Mustang Club. (GTAMC)
These funds will assist the Foundation to continue its work providing post secondary educational opportunities for innocent survivors of violent crime and siblings of innocent homicide victims. In addition this contribution will assist us in continuing our funding at York University providing free psychological counseling of victims in York Region.
We are pleased and honored for the continued support from the executive and members of the GTAMC that assists us in helping those who have lost so much.

Joe & Lozanne Wamback

GTAMC cheque presentation to Lozanne Wamback by Scott Winger GTAMC

GTAMC cheque presentation to Lozanne Wamback by Scott Winger GTAMC

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