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An “investment”
CCVF is a successful organization and invites people to “invest” in its worthy programs and services.

CCVF relies on financial contributions through donations, foundations and grants, fund raising and special events coordinated by CCVF or by other businesses and organizations. The CCVF Annual Gala Dinner is a major fund-raiser and awareness event coordinated by Joe and Lozanne Wamback.

CCVF invites you to become “involved” and to invest your time and resources in the organization so that you feel part of and are also involved in the cause. CCVF welcomes the opportunity to speak to you, your organization or your company, to discuss exciting ways to become involved as a donor, sponsor, and volunteer etc., so that the programs and services of the organization can truly fulfill its mandate… “to support, empower and provide resources to victims of crime and to effect positive change to victim services in Canada”

Get involved
Help CCVF in “giving victims a voice” and help us offer direct client-centered victim services.