CCVF – 5WD Freedom Walk

Its all over?

Freedom Walk – Journey for Justice, 2012 will never be repeated. …

Our hopes are that:

• we have engaged Canadians to entrench a better understanding of victimization.

 • helped people recognize that injustice does exist in Canada and to speak loudly against it wherever it exists

• we all understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and that we, have an obligation and a duty to help those whose lives have been broken by violent, senseless crime.

• that we have inspired Canadians and that each subsequent year, Freedom Walk will live on in individual  communities across Canada every April 22 and that people will continue to engage and educate others about victimization

• that our scholarship programs will survive to provide future life opportunities for innocent victims and siblings where currently none exists I have been humbled by Canadians from Vancouver to Toronto that have shown courage and strength beyond superhuman, that have walked alone in the aftermath of violent crime, to tell their stories,  give lost loved ones a voice and help their fellow man.

You are no longer alone — we have and will continue to give victims a voice.

We will continue to work to create services and support where none exists.

Let me hear your voices

Let all of Canada know that change has begun.

We have a Voice, Merritt BC

Breakfeast on the Road

On the Road

Rogers Pass, 46 km uphill climb May 1, 2012
Help us give victims a voice


The night before the Long Journey Westward

Arrived in Vancouver April 17. Working on the April 22 send off.

Please join us at the Totem poles in Stanley Park at 9:30 AM for a major send off and special announcements

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The launch with Kerry Lynne Findley, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson April 22, Stanley Park