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Canadian Crime Victim Foundation Scholarship Trust

The creation of the “CCVF Scholarships” grew from the recognition that Survivors of violent crime in Canada have more taken from them than is generally recognized by Canadian society.  In many instances the prolonged revictimization through the criminal justice process can be as devastating and as long lasting as the original crimes committed against them.

Especially vulnerable are those siblings of murder victims and other survivors of violent crime that find themselves isolated and in financially compromised family units due to the life-altering aftermath of violent crime. These circumstances are not recognized in Canada by any supportive Federal, Provincial or Municipal agency.

Many survivors see their victimizers  granted government sponsored educational opportunities as part of the rehabilitation process, while they are left on their own in the inevitable stuggles that occur following victimization by violent crime.

It is the intention of the Founders and Board of Directors of the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation to help redress this unfair imbalance for those across Canada who have been victimized by acts of violent crime by providing educational opportunities equal to that so often afforded  their victimizers.

CCVF scholarships and bursaries are available to survivors of violent crime and siblings of homicide victims.

In determining whether or not an applicant is eligible for a scholarship award the CCVF  shall have regard to all relevant circumstances, including any behaviour of the applicant that may have directly or indirectly contributed to his or her injury.

Scholarship awards will not be made available to any person or anyone related to a person injured or killed while acting in a criminal manner or involved in any way in the commission of criminal act.

In assessing scholarship awards, the Board shall take into consideration any benefit, compensation or indemnity paid or payable to the applicant from any source other than social assistance.  Preferential status will be granted to thosewho have not received any other form of compensation from any other source.

Criminal activity and Disqualification:

Should a victim who was  approved by the Directors for acceptance, become involved at any time in any criminal activity then the scholarship will be immediately withdrawn and any funds accumulated will be redistributed within the trust for other victims.

The scholarships are dependant on the availability of funds raised by the foundation.

It is with this goal in mind that the “CCVF Scholarship” has been created and we hope that it will serve as a model for others around the world.

CCVF Secondary School Scholarships

In addition, the Board of Directors are pleased to announce that the CCVF will again be providing a limited number of $2000.00 scholarships to graduating students in selected Canadian High Schools for the 2011 – 2012 year.

These scholarships are awarded to graduating High School students that have demonstrated leadership in creating or participating in anti-violence or anti-bullying initiatives, have challenged the status quo and have shown a consistent, positive contribution to the welfare of staff and students and their community.

The scholarship is to be awarded to any student who meets the criteria and is pursuing any form of post-secondary education or training.

Suggested areas of evaluation

  • Assisting in or creating fundraising and/or awareness campaigns and programs to assist crime victims in their community and province.
  • Working with and or establishing anti-violence and or anti bullying programs at the school
  • Volunteering to assist those in need, specifically crime (bullying) victims, families and siblings.

Please contact the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation at for further details.