Don't Forget Me


Nate McFadden

Nathaniel (Nate) McFadden was born on December 06, 1988 and died on January 08, 2009.
Nate was a kind, caring and charismatic soul, he loved his family and friends, he had a passion for horses, and some day he looked forward to having a ranch and raising a family. He had a lot to offer the world sadly his hopes and dreams were cut short.
Nathaniel was a victim of youth violence and died at the hands of a repeat offender who was known to carry a knife!. During the last few weeks and possibly months of his life, Nate had been threatened and tormented by his killer and others within the community.
On January 08, 2009 a distraught Nathaniel confronted his tormenter and was stabbed with a concealed knife. He never had a chance…
Our family hopes to create a foundation in Nate’s honour to help other victims of youth violence. He left a positive footprint during his short time with us and is sadly missed by all his family and friends.